About Me

My name is Paul Rees and I live in a town called Thornaby in the UK.  I am married with 4 grown up siblings and have 4 lovely grandchildren.  I decided to take early  retirement back in March 2017 but still dream of becoming a successful Internet Marketer.

I served my time as an apprentice Fitter back in the 1970’s and had various Maintenance/Engineering roles up until around 1988.  It was about this time that I was fortunate enough to be selected for a Computer Training Program with the company I was working with and it definitely changed my career path for the better.  I spent the rest of my working life pretty much sat in front of a computer in a number of roles including a Computer Based Training Programmer, IT Support, IT Business Advisor, Technical Clerk & Inspection Planning.

In terms of interests – obviously Internet Marketing/Make Money Online.  I have always been fairly active from my late teens, even though I was never particularly sporty at school & spent many years playing squash and badminton and still play badminton a few times a week & go for the occasional run. In my early forties I became more interested in general health and lifestyle and still continue to read learn & research about the latest trends & cutting edge ways to stay healthy & live longer. I will probably do another blog at some point about this subject.  My other main interest is music, I am in a local choir which is ran by my son and play both guitar and flute.

When I was still working, I always thought that the reason that I was not very successful at Internet Marketing was because I never had enough time to make it work as only my evenings and weekends were free.  Reality check – it is not so much about the amount of time that you need but more on what you do with that time.  I probably along with many other people tend to be easily distracted with other things like reading emails, social media (Facebook etc) and probable spend to much time (and money) buying the next big thing (courses & software) that was going to make me rich.  I think that there is no getting away from the fact that you have to be disciplined, have a proper plan/structure and a bit of patience if you want to have success.

I am embarking on a new course called the Quick Start Challenge which is 5 weeks of live coaching from a couple of successful internet marketers, hopefully this is the reality check that I need.

To be continued.