My First Blog Post


My First Blog Post & The Quick Start Challenge


This is my first post for my blog – Pauls Mastermind.  This project (for the want of a better word) is born out of a new program that I am trying called the Quick Start Challenge which some of you reading this may have heard about.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Although I have been trying the make money online/internet marketing thing for some time with virtually zero success, I kind of feel that it is now or never for me.  I have become a bit of a serial buyer of MMO products/software for too long to mention, I am an absolute sucker for the shiny object syndrome but I am sure I am not alone, as it is very easy to get drawn in to the dream of push button riches.  It is likened to an addiction, quite hard to break and very costly.  Please feel free to comment if you can relate to this.

Stop And Take The Challenge

So now is the time for me to sharpen my will power and STOP buying anything and everything, I have got more that enough courses to go through to last me a lifetime not to mention all the bonuses (which are also very luring).  The Quick Start Challenge doesn’t come across as a get rich quick type of course but as something that is real, something that shows you where to start and how to take one step at a time and gradually build a business.  I have known about Dean Holland for quite a few years and he comes across as a very genuine guy.


So I am hoping that I can really stick to this and will commit to writing at least one post each week so that I can log my progress with the course and how my latest journey is going.


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