QSC – Week 2

Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge


So on to week 2 challenge, which this week is about dreams, or what you would like to do or achieve.

Dean made a good point in the training about how we tend to pluck out a figure when we are asked how much we would like to earn each month – $10000, $15000, $20000 who knows.  I am sure most of us would like to earn those amounts, but wouldn’t it make more sense to think about what we would actually like to do or achieve in our lives & then work out (roughly) what we would need to earn to fulfil those dreams/ambitions.  Perhaps someone would be able to live their dream life on $3000 per month or $5000 per month.  Each of us are different depending on our background, culture or circumstances.

So this is my attempt at describing my dream life – here goes.

I guess one of my dreams was not to have to get up every morning to go to work 5 days a week, well I am now retired so I can cross that off my list.  I am married with 3 daughters a son and 4 grandchildren & family means the world to me.  We are a close family & I suppose I wish I earned enough income to treat them or help them if or when needed.  For example pay for family meals out occasionally or pay for a holiday for everyone once or twice a year or give them an extra special Christmas etc.  I know I would have to be careful not to go overboard but I would be very content in being able to do that.

In terms of personal dreams I don’t think I have any burning ambitions (sad I know) but I do love my holidays, so I would like to be able to travel anywhere in the world whenever I could & would also like to have a holiday home in somewhere like Spain or Portugal.  Although I wouldn’t class it as a life long dream, funds permitting I would also like to travel the world at some point as I guess it would be a fantastic experience.

I am relatively happy with my house & where I live (close to family) so don’t dream of living in a large country mansion with pool, although that would be nice, plus I don’t think my better half would want to move anyway.  So it would be nice to just afford to spend money on my current house to make it the best it can be.

In terms of a car for many years I always fancied driving a Jag but lately for some reason I have gone off that idea although I wouldn’t complain if someone gave me one (yeah right).  I am driving a Honda Civic at the moment so I am currently into Honda’s so would very happy to upgrade to a Honda R.

Other things I would like to do /achieve although they are time/patience goals rather that monetary goals are :-

Learn to Play Piano

Learn a Foreign Language (or two) – Spanish/French/German 

Learn to cook (especially healthy type cooking)

The aim of this challenge/post is of course about coming up with my dream life and what I would need to earn to achieve it, but having enough to afford my dream life would also mean that I can afford to give to others, I have always had in my mind the idea of helping others in some way.  That would probable include things like giving charity donations, giving health & lifestyle advice, helping others achieve their internet dreams, which is why I would like to be a successful internet marketer so that I can help others do the same (just like Dean & Craig are doing) & of course giving to family as already mentioned.  I think for me also that my dream life is also about having that peace of mind or inner knowing (that Dean & Craig also alluded to during the Q & A) so that I never have to worry about money again, like having to keep to a budget on holiday or having to buy the cheapest this or that etc.  Just to know that I am financial secure & my family is/will be looked after.

So in monetary terms here is a very rough breakdown in earnings per month (in UK pounds as I live in the UK) :-

Family treats – £1300

Holidays – £1000

House Enhancements – £500

Car – £500

Hobbies – £100

General Cost Of Living (Food/Bills etc) – £2000

Charity – (wont put a figure here as don’t want to come over as to generous or particularly too mean).

Total – £5400 – which is approx. $7074.

I have probably been quite generous in some of those estimates but it looks like I could potentially live my dream life on £5400 per month.  Anything extra of course would be a bonus & allow me to give more to charity/invest/save etc.


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  1. Hey Paul, I am following close on your heels and looking to retire in a couple of years, The one thing I am looking for in an online business is the ability to earn part time in my retirement what I earn full time in my working life. I don’t want to retire and not be able to enjoy myself and have to count every penny. I hope you manage to acheive the success you have set out to,

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