Quick Start Challenge – Week 4

So for this weeks challenge we had to create 7 emails and set them up in our autoresponder (one for each day) and then test to see if they worked by signing in to our landing page and making sure we received our report and started receiving the daily emails.

Although I had a landing page and thankyou page set up from last weeks challenge I decided that it wasn’t quite professional looking so I instead opted for a landing page that I had set up in Affiliate Rex which I talked about in my last post.  The landing page I chose offered access to over 1000 high quality PLR articles as my thinking was PLR is a reasonably easy way for newbies to get started.  You can go to my landing page here (quick plug).

It was suggested in this weeks training that we might want to write the emails ourselves from scratch, however in my case I knew I would find it very difficult to come up with 7 emails from scratch as I am just not a natural writer so would struggle with what to say.  I would maybe manage two or three but then I would be struggling.

With that in mind I decided to see if I could find some pre-written emails and then edit them to suit.  As luck would have it once again I remembered that I quite recently purchased a product called Email Ramp which provides hundreds of pre written emails which you can use as ideas/templates.  They come in various categories (niches) and are split into various types of emails eg. List Nurturing, Story Telling, Emotional Selling etc. so I thought that this would be ideal.  I guess that my Shiny Object Syndrome has had some uses.

So I found a series of emails which talked about PLR and edited them to suit.  I wanted them to be a bit of a mix where by they gave some useful information (in this case about PLR) but also throwing in a few sentences about what I was doing.  Although in the end it was mainly PLR content and not too much about me, I did throw in an extra ebook and pointed the reader to my blog in the last email.

Obviously this needs to be an ongoing process, so it is time to think about what to write next.  Although there was a paid product offered at initial sign up, my follow up emails did not contain any affiliate links/paid offers, so probably need to start adding the occasional one in.


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