Week 3 – Quick Start Challenge

This weeks challenge was different from the last 2 weeks in that it wasn’t about writing a blog post but instead was about creating a landing page (or squeeze page) that offered something for free along with a 2 step thankyou page which gives them or tells them how to get their free report/gift and then directs them to or offers them a paid product.

With having had shiny object syndrome for a few years I knew that there would be something sat on my computer that I could pick out and dust off to use as my landing page builder.  I quickly found a few potential programs/softwares that I could use but I thought that they were either too time consuming or technical so I dismissed them.

I then remembered that I had quite recently bought a product called Affiliate Rex from a marketer called Tony Marriott which basically has everything done for you in terms of setting up Sales Funnels.  You get guaranteed approval to a number of affiliate products, then with a few clicks a landing page & sales page are generated with a free product or software that you choose and you integrate everything with your autoresponder.  When someone signs up on your landing page the system automatically sends them to a thankyou page which tells them their gift has been sent to their email address (step 1) and then suggests that they take a look at a product, directing them automatically to that product (step 2).  I already use Getresponse as my autoresponder and had previously already set a few of these funnels up.

So I thought that basically this system meets all of the criteria for this weeks challenge.  However I did feel as though this was a bit of an easy option so decided to use something else that at least involved a bit of work.

So this is what I did instead :-

Again I have lifetime membership to a product called Automated List Profits which gives me 2 free PLR reports each month (internet marketing related) and with each product you get a landing page template into which you insert your email code.  I chose a report called Video Playbook and downloaded all the relevant files to my computer.

I then went into my autoresponder (Getresponse) and chose a simple landing page and edited it so that it was basically a line for an email address and a click here button.  I then inserted the generated code into my landing page that I had downloaded using a free html editor called KompoZer.  So I had my landing page set up.  Now going back to Getresponse a lot of the landing pages templates come with an associated Thank you page template, so I opened this thankyou page template and again edited this so that it had a message about the report being sent to their email address and then a suggestion that they click a button below to take a look at a related Video product (paid).  I used a product called Intant Video Site which is a program I have resell rights to and is currently on JVZoo.

Finally with everything set up I uploaded all the relevant files to my website, again with a free program called FileZilla, checked all my getresponse settings were correct and tested that everything worked ok.

Apologies if I made any of the above sound to technical but it was quite easy and straight forward.  Feel free to contact me with regard to anything I have talked about above or any of the mentioned programs.

Thanks Paul

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